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The Registered Cyber Liability Specialist (RCLS) continuing education and professional certification program will benefit insurance industry professionals, risk managers, human resource personnel and others who manage, administer or sell cyber liability insurance . 

We are proud of the fact that our program is applicable to a variety of industries outside of insurance and that the designation is gaining a quality reputation among recruiting managers and business executives.

While cyber security deals with protecting your hardware and software systems from internal and external influences that can affect a company’s business; cyber liability (sometimes called cyber insurance) is the risk management side of information technology or how insurance companies respond to data breaches once they occur. 

A cyber liability certification can help an individual advance their career in their existing position as an insurance professional, risk manager, human resources and information technology, or it could help a job seeker be more valuable in the job market.

Unlike many other generalized risk management and human resource credentials, the Registered Cyber Liability Specialist® designation is a concentrated curriculum specific to the field of cyber liability- two hours of education and training.  Additionally, the RCLS™ cyber liability certification is a complete package.  In other words, there are no more modules to purchase or renewal fees to be paid.

Multiple studies show that earning a professional certification has financial benefits to the designation holder as well as value to the organization for whom they represent.

Course Description

The Registered Cyber Liability Specialist® designation is one of the nation’s only professional certifications for cyber liability registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Reg. No. 5,510,123

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RCLS™® Course

The two-hour RCLS™ cyber liability certification program consists of timely and accurate materials to provide the best cyber liability education available.  This course examines common types of cyber risks and offers guidelines and best practices advisors can follow.

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