Registered Cyber Liability Specialist Course Description

Cyber Liability Training at Its Best: Course Description

The Registered Cyber Liability Specialist® course is a  2-hour continuing education and training program designed to provide detailed information on the current issues, potential exposures and organizational responses associated with cyber liability. 

The Cyber Liability Training  course will cover an overview of cyber incidents, data breach and cyber crime, risk assessment and cyber security basics, costs of a data breach, cyber insurance options, prevention and legal, regulatory and customer expectations.

The Registered Cyber Liability Specialist program covers an overview of topics related to cyber security, cyber insurance and the management of these risks for business.

Here are a few things you can expect to learn from this course:

Chapter 1. Cyber Incidents, Data Breach, and Cyber Crime

This chapter deals with data breaches and cyber crime. It opens the topic of why cyber security is so important to protect personal data, and keep it out of the hands of hackers. Cyber crime has increased over the past few years, making it necessary to take a different approach to dealing with it.

Chapter 2. Risk Assessment and Basics of Security

This chapter covers the basics of security and risk management for companies. What questions to ask when assessing risk for datat breaches. It also covers collection and retention of sensitive information, including the “why, how, and when” it is appropriate to do so. The chapter also covers software system, antivirus technology, and physical data security. This chapter is a bit longer than the others because it covers so much information.

Chapter 3. Costs of Data Breach and Cyber Insurance Options

In this chapter, the topic of cost refers to the incidents of data breaches, and the cost to consumers and businesses. In the U.S. alone, data breaches have cost millions of dollars. This results in identity theft and weakness of security after a breach. This chapter will cover the cost of data reaches and how to identify weak areas in security.  It also covers the different types of scams such as phishing, spoofing, and farming.

This section also covers cyber insurance options and why it is so important to have this in place. It outlines the types of coverage available, and what is included.

Chapter 4. Prevention: Building a “Human Firewall”

Chapter 4 deals with preventing cyber attacks and building a human firewall to stop cyber hackers from gaining access to sensitive information. What is a human firewall? It is a group of employees committed to following best practices to prevent, as well as report, any data breaches or suspicious activity. The more employees you have doing this, the stronger the firewall gets. Another important part of cyber security is choosing strong passwords that can’t be guessed or hacked.  Frequently chanign passwords also helps keep your data safe.

Chapter 5. Legal, Regulatory, and Customer Expectations

Chapter 5 deals with federal and state regulations, as well as customer expectations. It covers compliance regulations, including GLBA and HIPAA. It also covers NAIC Regulatory Guidance, NAIC Data Security Model Law, and PII Oversight.

This comprehensive course will give participants all the knowledge needed to pass the certification exam and become a Registered Cyber Liability Specialist.

Cyber Liability Training Materials and Examination

Once an individual has completed an application for the Registered Cyber Liability Specialist® program, he or she will log in to the RCLS™ Testing Center to access course materials and complete the examination .  The Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Clients and Your Practice, exam is administered by WebCE, a leading internet testing company.

The examination is a multiple-choice format and takes approximately one hour to complete, however there is no time limit.  Successful candidates must pass with a minimum score of 70%. There is no additional testing fee to retake the exam. 

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