Workers’ Compensation Training for Attorneys

Workers compensation is a complex and everevolving area of law. Attorneys who specialize in this field must stay uptodate on the latest developments in order to effectively represent their clients. With the increasing complexity of this area of law, it is essential for attorneys to have the right training and certification to stay ahead of the curve. 

Our course provides attorneys with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in workers compensation cases. During the course, attorneys will learn about the intricacies of workers compensation law, including how to evaluate and analyze cases, draft legal documents, present cases to judges and arbitrators, and how to assist clients in navigating the system. 

The course also covers the basics of workers compensation insurance, as well as how to manage and stay current with new laws and regulations. In addition to learning about the latest developments in the field, attorneys who complete the Workers Compensation Training and Designation Course for Attorneys will receive a valuable designation. 

The designation by the National Registry is highly sought after by employers and clients alike, as it shows employers and clients that an attorney has the necessary knowledge and experience to handle workers compensation 

Course Overview

Overview of workers compensation laws 

Accident and injury reporting procedures 

Employer and employee responsibilities 

Benefits and coverage options

Compensation benefits calculation methods 

Claim processing and appeals 

Medical care rights and requirements

Employer safety and returntowork programs 

Jobrelated stress and other mental health issues 

Workers compensation fraud prevention and detection

Workers compensation training for attorneys

Additional training

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