RCLS® Designation

Registered Cyber Liability Specialist Designation (RCLS)™

To earn the Registered Cyber Liability Specialist® designation (RCLS™), you must complete a self-study cyber liability course curriculum. You must also pass a required comprehensive examination. Once completed, you will be then be awarded the “Registered Cyber Liability  Specialist®,” designation or RCLS™.  The designation is sponsored by The National Registry of Cyber Liability Specialists. 

Registered Cyber Liability Specialists® are also required to adhere to The National Registry of Cyber Liability Specialist’s Code of Ethics. 

Insurance professionals and risk managers from some of America’s largest companies have completed the RWCS™. workers’ compensation specialist continuing education program. You can proudly display the RWCS™ designation on your LinkedIn pages, social media, business cards, and other marketing materials. Your employer, clients, and peers will know that you understand the importance of continuous professional development. You will have recognition for you professional achievement. 

Affordable Professional Development Training

Graduates prefer our the RCLS certification over others because is an affordable, complete online cyber liability training program.  In other words, there are no additional modules to purchase and renewal fees to continue paying.  Additionally, we’ll let you know your test results right away.  This means that you do not have to wait while your exam is graded in order to find out if you received a passing score.

Our goal is simply to help you learn the material and improve your career in the most efficient manner possible.

The Registered Cyber Liaiblity Specialist® designation is one of the nation’s only professional certifications for cyber liability registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Reg. No. 5,510,123

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