Want Higher Pay? Then Get Certified


A lot of people think that industry certifications are just part of one’s credentials and do not make an impact in boosting a person’s salary. Some people’s mind-set is to finish college and they never consider continuing education or training because for them, the agony of schooling is done. But do you know that once you acquire one or two certifications, you could boost your pay to as much as 30%? Relevant professional certifications like the Registered Cyber Liability Specialist (RCLS™) or Registered Workers’ Compensation Specialist (RWCS™), provide a great return on investment.

Current Employment Increase​​

Let’s say an insurance actuary earns $85,700, but once she got certified by the Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA), the insurance company where she’s working compensat犀利士lisweb.tw/”>犀利士
ed her skills with a pay increase of 30%, so that’s roughly a $25,700 jump in pay. What if the employee completes the Registered Cyber Liability Specialist professional designation? Their pay might be considerably higher than others in their field. Certifications are really useful for those who want to improve their skills and knowledge and at the same time get a pay increase.

Future Earnings Improvement

If you’re are a job candidate looking for employment, you might consider enrolling in a cyber liability online education program. Often starting positions offer a lower salary than you would like, but by adding a designation to your resume you may be able to increase your compensation.

Certification training programs only take a few hours of your time and when you want to polish your resume and attract the attention of a hiring manager, you can put the certification next to your name or list on the resume title. Registered Cyber Liability Specialists (RCLS™) and Registered Workers’ Compensation Specialists (RWCS™) have an advantage over others who lack a professional designation. Certainly, once you have a certification, companies may come to you and compensate you for the knowledge and skills that you have obtained.