Why Getting a Professional Certification Is Worth Your Time

Individual studying for workers’ compensation and cyber liability certification or designation

Are you looking for a professional certification that can aid you in getting a good job, or improve your compensation in a job you have already started? Consider pursuing a professional certification training program, like the Registered Cyber Lia犀利士
bility Specialist (RCLS™) or 犀利士
>Registered Workers’ Compensation Specialist (RWCS™)
. Obtaining a professional certification can boost your current salary to a higher one and if you are still looking for work, perhaps the best to use your time is earning a designation prior to your job hunt.

Experience and Education

​Many employers prefer candidates who not only have experience in their field, but have also gained professional certifications. For instance, suppose an insurance carrier hires a commercial underwriter who graduated from college with a finance degree. Initially their pay may not be what they are looking for, but once the individual obtains a professional certification they might receive a worthwhile increase. The RCLS™ online cyber liability and RWCS™ workers’ compensation training programs are affordable and take a limited amount of time to complete. Many employers will even pay the required registration fee if you tell them you want to increase your value to the company by additional training leading to a specialized designation.

Note Your Accomplishment

Once you gain a professional certification always remember to list it on your resume so it would be one of the first items that the human resource director or hiring manager will see. The designation could be placed next to your name in the resume title and header, or you could note it in the education section.

For example, if you are already an experienced commercial insurance underwriter you will benefit by indicating that you have earned the RCLS™ cyber liability certification from The National Registry of Cyber Liability Specialists. Cyber security is an important part of risk management today and specialized continuing education in this important area will not only serve the employee, but the employer will see a return on investment as well.